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Al Sharfi Group has been in business since almost 2 decades, operating 3 departments: Glass, Carpentry and Stainless Steel. Today, the company employs more than 20 full-time skilled workers including designers, cutters, fixers, machine operators and finish crew, headed by staff that has over 10 years of combined experience enabling Al Sharfi to maintain unmatched in-house control.

First stages in a project are very important to understand your client´s needs. With many different tools we approach to our customers the best solutions to know their targets, their audiences and planning from the very first stage each movement to swim the whole team into the same pool.

At Al Sharfi Group, we follow a highly transparent management model, which assures efficient cross departmental interactions. Our organisational model has undergone tremendous change and improvement by adapting to the changing market needs.

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Our Mission

To continue to actively provide landmark services thus assisting in the development of The Kingdom of Bahrain, by actively pursuing excellence and innovation in all our undertakings, while focussing on our motto-success through customer satisfaction.

Our Values

At Al Sharfi Group, we fiercely adhere to a few values, which are the driving force of our productivity and efficiency.

  • Projects on time
  • Protecting client’s investments
  • Reliability
  • Innovative solutions
  • Driven work culture
  • Long term customer relationship
Al Sharfi's

Quality Policy

At Al Sharfi Group, we are committed to providing services of the highest quality for our clients. We strive to maintain a credible degree of consistency in our work efficiency by ensuring that our products and services exceed our client’s satisfaction at all times.

In order to provide world class services, it is evident for us to adhere to a set of quality policies that assures quality and design and services. We hope to keep achieving this by incorporating innovative new fabrication techniques to keep up with the changing face of the industry.

The key objective of our systems management are driven by a determination to develop strong partnerships with our clients. At the base of all our business relationship is an immense amount of trust, integrity, honest and transparency, which keeps everyone involved on the same page.

Al Sharfi Group actively encourages learning, where our technicians and support staff are trained in the latest work methodologies and associated services. This enables us to incorporate world class work practices that have been found to work efficiently in similar industries across the globe.

Our quality systems are based on the ISO 9000 design, and we are currently on the path to obtaining the official ISO registration in the near future.

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