Our Mission

To continue to actively provide landmark services thus assisting in the development of The Kingdom of Bahrain, by actively pursuing excellence and innovation in all our undertakings, while focussing on our motto-success through customer satisfaction.

Our Values

At Al Sharfi Group, we fiercely adhere to a few values, which are the driving force of our productivity and efficiency.

  • Projects on time
  • Protecting client’s investments
  • Reliability
  • Innovative solutions
  • Driven work culture
  • Long term customer relationship

What we do


Our experts have years of experience working with a variety of glass and mirror fixtures, which enables us to offer contemporary designs that suits your needs. Be it remodelling project or installing new glass fixtures, our experts are always at your disposal.

Interior Design

We see the space, have an in-depth analysis of how a particular space is going to be used and what can be done to accommodate the desired functions most effectively. And our goal is to conceptualize and design, keeping in mind the client’s requirements and their budget limit, that will bring their dream space to life.


We offer a complete range of custom glass design and installation services, which includes removal, refurbishing, new construction, replacement and installation services for a variety of establishments.

Some of

Our Projects